Couple Has Extreme Wedding in Over 11 Countries

For many, making marriage vows once is stressful enough, but American acrobat couple Cheetah Platt, 30, and Rhiann Woodyar, 32, will be making their vows 38 times across the globe in 11 countries, and 6 continents.

After getting engaged last year the couple came up with the ultimate adventure to celebrate their holy matrimony after they were hard pressed to decide on one location for their wedding. The adventure, spanning over close to three months first began on Feburary 8th, where the two packed lightly carrying wedding gown and suit, and headed first to Bogota, Colombia.

The couple, heralding from Los Angeles did consider a traditional wedding, but could not find an affordable suitable venue.

‘A lot of women spend a whole lot of time and stress and money on their one day and then it’s over,’ Woodyard told BuzzFeed. “I love that I get to marry [Platt] over and over again.
‘It’s exciting that it’s not just done in one day.’

There were some peculiars the couple had to work out to achieve their wondrous matrimonial extravaganza. Their research turned up that they could get set up with a “round the world” flight for 11 countries for less than $3000 per person.

Of course, it isn’t legal to be married traditionally more than once, so the couple had to be ordained by the Church Of Spiritual Humanism, so they could perform their own vows across the world. When they return for their final wedding back in home state California, they have planned a small ceremony attended by a family member and will file for marriage papers with the state.

So far, the Los Angeles couple has been married 21 times as of Saturday, March 21st, while 17 more “marriages” remain, before they return again in early May.

The couple has said they have spent less than they would have spent on a traditional one-day wedding affair. The average American wedding costs around $25,000, but most couples spend less than $10,000, not including a honeymoon. With the help of honeymooning website, honeyfund, the two were able to raise enough money to help them on their once in a lifetime experience.

The couple met at a partner meetup for people who practice aerial, acro, and pole arts. Their skill shows in their absolutely must-see wedding pictures.