Layout App Supercharges Instagram

For those of you who absolutely love Instagram, then good news is here: now you can make photo collages within the app itself with the new “Layout” App. Instagram has been well known over the past couple of years for its ability to let users share photos with each other from anywhere in the world instantly. Avid users will know that a popular trend has been creating photo collages and posting them as one photo.

In other words, users can take a grouping of many photos and arrange them together to form a theme or to group a certain event into one visual photo. Unfortunately, users had to use an assortment of other apps to actually create the photo collage, before then taking it into instagram to post.

With “Layout” not only can users now do this within Instagram, saving a lot of time and frustration, but it has also simplified the process to make it even easier to create collages instantly. Prominent users will probably be familiar with apps like: Pic Stitch, Pic Collage, or Instacollage which worked by offering blank photo grids where the desired photos, text, or stickers could be arranged.

“Layout” has a superior functionality. Now users will first begin by looking through their camera roll first in order to select what they would like to share, before they are ever prompted to think about a layout. “Most apps give you a bunch of empty grids. But more important is choosing the photos you want to share, before you lay them out,” says Joshua Dickens, Program Designer for Instagram.

This new feature may not seem like a huge innovation, but for travelers, bloggers or people who just love to Instagram this is a big deal. The reversal of the photo-collage creation will allow users to focus on content and less about layout. Think about it this way: would you want to have to put together a puzzle before it actually gets it’s image? We didn’t think so, and neither did Instagram. Now thanks to this innovation, the worlds most popular and easiest-to-use, photo-based social media program is going to become even more popular and even easier to use. So get to snappin’.