It’s Cherry Blossom Season Somewhere

Japan’s Meteorological Agency declared yesterday that Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom season has officially started, or what they call ‘kaika sengen’ (translated as blossom bloom declaration). The agency has one ruling to be followed in order to be able to determine the onset of the cherry blossom season: five fully-opened flowers on the ‘sample tree’ located at the Yasukuni Shrine, usually the object of the public’s attention during this time of the year. It was reported that the declaration came three days earlier than they had expected considering the average yearly, and two days ahead than that of last year, according to GMA News.

Cherry blossoms, or the ‘sakura’, are deeply embedded in the Japanese culture that it is being celebrated by its people which they termed as ‘hanami’ or flower-viewing. Although hanami could also refer to the plum blossoms, it is most popularly observed with the cherry blossom season. Hanami when observed at night is called ‘yozakura’ which literally translates to ‘night sakura’.  Sakura season is expected to last from a week until 10 days over Tokyo, and people are expected to celebrate its bloom around Japan.

It's Cherry Blossom Season Somewhere - Clapway

According to Japan Guide, there are fourteen top rated spots in Tokyo, central and outside central. Within Central Tokyo, you can go to Shinjuku Gyoen which is one of the city’s largest and most popular parks. It is popular due to variation of the time its cherry blossom’s bloom: the early and the late blooming trees. Ueno Park is by far one of the most crowded parks for hanami. Its popularity is due to more than a thousand cherry trees lining its walks towards the National Museum.

Yozakura is popular in Chidorifaguchi where Kitanomaru Park and the sample tree are located; decorating the moats of the old Edo Castle by hundreds of cherry trees and were lit up at night. The view is described as outstanding and it also offers renting of boats for rowing and food stands are preset near and around the Yasukuni Shrine. More parks, as well as the Aoyama Graveyard, are rated as popular destinations for cherry blossom watching.

It's Cherry Blossom Season Somewhere - Clapway