The Most Tech Savvy Bluetooth Padlock

The Bluetooth Padlock

Quicklock has come out with a fantastic new gadget that is sure to bring in lots of attention for all of its great perks and for its convenient usage with our modern-day technology. This padlock is unlike any traditional padlock on the market in that it does not require a key or combination. Instead, it is unlocked using the power of Bluetooth.

How, you may ask, is Bluetooth more secure than a physical key or a combination? The answer is actually quite simple. By using the Bluetooth on your phone you can pair it with the padlock and create a unique code that will only be used for unlocking your device. This code will not be easily accessible to would-be thieves and there is also no way for them to pick a lock because there isn’t one. It is virtually impossible to break without some major efforts at their end.

The process for using this high-tech device is rather simple. You install an app on your phone that will then provide you with the option to connect to your padlock. Once you have completed that step, you will be able to see a very specific numeric code that will come up on your screen, which you then must enter. Once that code is entered, your padlock will recognize your phone and only your phone, which you must then have to unlock it again.

The Most Tech Savvy Bluetooth Padlock - Clapway

The way that you lock and unlock the padlock is also simplistic in nature. You can simply press the lock’s button that is provided in the app on your phone and you can instantly see the padlock either lock or unlock based on your need. You can also even set up your phone app to auto unlock if you want to be able to access your valuables as soon as your smartphone and padlock are within reach of each other.

For those who do not currently have access to smartphone technology, there is an alternative method for using this great padlock system. By using what is known as an NFC (near field communication) card key that will automatically come with your padlock upon purchase, you are able to instantly unlock your padlock with ease. By simply placing the card up against the surface of the padlock, it will instantly unlock.

Part of the Quicklock Padlock technology is that it allows the user to grant permission to other users to access the padlock. It can be difficult to keep track of who you want to have access to a certain padlock or to certain confidential material, so the Quicklock has built-in features to help with digital tracking. For example, if there is an office safe that 10 people have access to, it can be difficult to know which one is responsible if anything goes missing. With the Quicklock Padlock system, you are able to easily track who opened the padlock and when it was opened based on each person’s smartphone code or their particular NFC card.

By using a Quicklock Padlock to protect your personal or company valuables, you are ensuring that you have easy access to what you need when you need it and that all of the would-be thieves out there have no way to get in. It’s a great way to keep what matters to you safe.