Would You Buy A Painting Made By Adolf Hitler?

Painting By Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is mostly known for being a dictator and for being the leader of the Nazis during World War II. However, what some may not know is that Hitler started out learning how to be an artist, but like other young, starving artists, he couldn’t make a living selling his art works.

Now, a watercolor painting made by Adolf Hitler is to be sold during an auction on March 26 in Los Angeles at the Nate D. Sanders auction house. The starting bid is set at $30,000. The painting is 13.5 inches by 10.75 inches and features a blue ceramic pitcher that is holding some orange, red and pink flowers, and it is in good condition, rated as “fine.”

Hitler started painting when he was living in Vienna in 1908. He then moved to Munich, Germany, after not being accepted by the Vienna Academy of Art in 1913, but he couldn’t support himself as an artist. It’s said that it was unusual for Hitler to have painted flowers in a painting, as he was more known for landscapes and also rarely painted people in his artwork.
Hitler is said to have painted the flower painting while he was about 25 and then it was sold by Hitler’s art dealer, Samuel Morgenstern, who was Jewish. Some may say this is strangely ironic since Hitler later was said to hate the Jews. However, Morgenstern’s art gallery was later seized by the Nazis and he died in 1943. Prior to his death, he sold some of Hitler’s other paintings to rich patrons.

Watercolor painted by Hitler
Watercolor painted by Hitler

While an art critic from The Telegraph, Alastair Smart, told reporters that the flower painting by Hitler is not worth anything when speaking of its artistic worth, however, it does have some historic value since it was painted by Adolf Hitler, a man who has become infamous in world history.

In the past, other paintings by Adolf Hitler have been sold at auction and were sold for varying amounts, while others were taken by the government and held so they couldn’t be seen by anyone. During his short career as an artist, he is said to have painted hundreds of paintings, postcards and even houses to try to make a living.

Some of Hitler’s paintings sold at an auction in 2006 for more than $220,000 US dollars, and in 2009, 15 such works sold for more than $143,000 US dollars, an auction in 2012 brought €32,000 for yet another Hitler painting, and in 2014, yet another one sold for €130,000.

Auction officials said that Sanders didn’t give out the name of the Hitler painting’s seller, nor did he explain how he got it. All that was revealed was that it was being sold by a private art collector.