Never Lose Your Wallet Again Thanks To Woolet

The current standard solution for when you lose your phone is to have one of your friends call it. For anyone who has lost their wallet, never lose your wallet again.  In recent years the first instinct is usually to wish that they could call that as well. Well now, thanks to the Woolet it looks like you will be able to.

So much of our lives are stored within our wallets. It becomes an item that we start to think of as an extension of our own bodies. It’s one of the few things that we almost always have with us. So when it goes missing we often don’t even know what to do. The Woolet connects with your phone with a dual-tracking system. If you carry either item away from the other one then they will give you an emergency notification. This means no more leaving your wallet or phone at home. Even better, it means no dropping your wallet at a store and not realizing until the next day.

Another common issue with wallets is how thick they can get. As something that is constantly in your pocket it can quickly become very uncomfortable to lug something too thick around with you. Fortunately, the Woolet team is aware of this and have worked hard to design a super slim wallet despite its advanced internal tech.

Using your phone, you can set the distance at which you will be alerted about leaving your wallet behind. And when synced with Woolet, your phone can even tell you the exact distance from your wallet. All this as well as being able to tell you the last place you had it. Just in case the worst happens and you do lose it.

Woolet’s Kickstarter is currently funded but it is not too late to snag up some of their backer bonuses. They are offering phone cases made of the same high quality leather as Woolet as well as key finders with the same functionality as the Woolet. You of course can also get your Woolet (Black for $99 or suede brown for $119) as well as various bundles of all of the items.

Hopefully the Woolet will move us towards a future where losing your wallet is just a memory of how things used to be.