Expo Line Train Crashes Into 2 Vehicles

In breaking headlines, a commuter Metro Expo line train in Los Angeles struck two vehicles, at least injuring twenty-one people, when it derailed just north of Exposition Park, fire officials said. Most people injured suffered minor injuries in the crash, which happened near the University of Southern California campus.

The media says that the three-car train struck two vehicles after the train had derailed, although recent images showed them to be upright. The cause of the wreck is not yet known.

The crash occurred at 934 Exposition Boulevard just north of Rose Garden and across from USC and the Museum of Natural History just before 11 am today, Saturday, according to officials.

Twenty occupants of the train were injured, as was the driver of an unknown vehicle. The one critically injured person had to have the “jaws of life” applied to their vehicle, and forcibly removed, while firefighters checked on the condition of the passengers on the train. Another occupant of the train suffered severe injuries. In total, five victims had to be transported to a local hospital.

Firefighters were at the scene tending to the wounded and evaluating the wreckage.

For those traveling in the region, the MTA is planning to use a bus bridge to take passengers between the Vermont and 23rd street stations on the Expo line.

The Expo Line opened in 2012 and when it did, safety questions arose. But most of those were for people crossing across challenging intersections.

Transportation in Los Angeles for travelers are notoriously difficult and reportedly 72.0 of commuters commuted by driving, while 11.9% commuted in carpools, with only 7.0% commuting on public transportation.

The Los Angeles Airport or LAX as it is known is one of he largest airport in the world measured by passenger activity. Travelers there are dismayed however by the lack of a direct rail connection to terminals, though funding has been put in place for an extension of the green line light rail to the airport using sales tax monies.

This shocking accident might bring attention to how the transit system in Los Angeles needs work.