Most Highly Anticipated APP For AppleWatch

New App for AppleWatch

Wunderlist, one of the most watched apps for the Apple Watch and has appeared on the App Store Thursday, prior to the device’s launch next month. The app is designed to be your one stop for your lists, agendas, and reminders for the techie traveler on the go. Wunderlist hopes to be the app to go to, which features a Home View that provides access to one’s mot important items, and for buttons that display a bird’s eye view of your to-dos, agendas, and reminders, right on your wrist.

Keep Your Life Insync

Watch the Wunderlist Video Demonstration

The Apple Watch is the latest in wearable technology. Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, smart watches, augmented reality devices, and others, are perfect for traveling on the go, either in your own city, or across boarders in destinations unfamiliar. The Apple Watch joins the list of wearable’s making the user on the go experience even more pleasant.

Besides the given GPS on the watch, there are a number of great travel apps for the Apple Watch that are being created by developers. Wunderlist joins the fray for a must have app for an Apple Watch user.

Here are a few reasons why having the Wunderlist app could be useful:

  • For a hands-free grocery shopping experience where one would normally go to their iPhone for help, Wunderlist provides an easy to navigate list for grabbing items and ex-ing them off your decreasing shopping list.
  • For business related scenarios, you could use the smart voice input to add to-dos for an upcoming meeting, or use potentially another app, Line, to communicate with team members or your boss.
  • Lets say you receive a text message about a concert from a friend. Wunderlist could alert you with glances to pick up tickets for will call before the show starts on your way home from work.
  • If you are coming out of the airport, Wunderlist could provide a simple to read to-do list upon arrival in your new city.

The combination of glances and real time notifications will guarantee that you stay up to date with important events, during traveling, or commuting and working in your own city., all there at a quick glance of the wrist.