Print Your Pancakes The Way You Want To Shape Them

People can now cook pancakes with any design they want with the PancakeBot. Through this device, pancakes are now going to be printed and served with creativity, even without any culinary or art degree, and can be used at home and durable for use in commercial establishments. This is the patent pending printing product of Miguel Valenzuela, who, in 2013, wanted and tried to make a pancake machine using LEGO pieces for his two young daughters, now in partnership with StoreBound. PancakeBot is scheduled to be available for shipping across countries in the world by July 2015.

PancakeBot works simply: it comes with a user-friendly software which enables the user to design the pancakes through tracing the image design from the computer. The user is like the artist, he/she determines what stroke goes first, and designs vary from favorite characters, arts, drawings, and logos – PancakeBot can help make and cook them up. Shading is also possible, giving the ‘artist’ the freedom on how the pancake will look like. Once traced, the design will be filed and stored in the SD card and be ready for printing without tracing them again, with approximate print size of 16 by 8.3 inches.

According to StoreBound’s post on Kickstarter, PancakeBot has its own patent pending batter dispensing system to ‘print’ the batter, not included and to be made by the users themselves, unto its non-stick griddle which is included in the product. The world’s first pancake printer also includes a collection of pre-loaded designs and has a SD card slot for the owner-customized designs. It is also easy to clean and can be collapsed for convenient storage. Users can also pause and resume printing and its software is compatible to Mac and Windows.

To print pancakes, PancakeBot’s system is easy to control even on its batter flow. Tutorial videos are also accessible as part of its features and there are also files that can be downloaded which are ready to be printed. The dream of a father is now backed by more than 1,500 people with pledged fund of over $300,000, with positive ratings.