Cruisers Yachts’ 59-Footer For Summer 2015

Cruisers Yachts, a boat builder in Wisconsin has designed its largest yacht, a 59-footer, and will be launching the vessel this summer. Cruisers Yachts is an Oconto based company, which is a division of KCS International. They also sell yachts that are 48- and 54-feet long in size.

The new yacht, which is estimated to cost about two million dollars, will let buyers enjoy the adventure of sailing around the ocean with plenty of space to move around in. It will feature a galley, the cockpit, a salon, and the helm all on a single level. It’s meant for people who want to travel long distances and take day trips and is joining the Cruisers Yachts line as its new flagship.

Cruisers Yachts designed the new yacht along with Florida-based companies Facheris Designs and DeBasto Designs, and they say the new exciting design is helping to move their company forward in yacht sales and development. Some of the features of the 59 footer will include a huge seating area, a bar, swim platform, upper salon, sofa with flanking end tables, and a 50-inch TV, as well as a hydraulic lift that can be used to take a dinghy or other type of personal boat or craft from the water.

The yacht’s galley will provide all the travelers needs with a refrigerator, freezer, sink, stove, microwave, optional dishwasher and lots of storage space. Plus, the controls are digital, which is part of the excitement of the passenger’s adventure, as it means they will be able to control some of the yacht’s functions, such as lighting via their iPad.

The boat’s engines will be two Volvo diesel engines that can produce 950 horsepower. The 650-gallon fuel tank makes it possible for passengers and crew to travel for a long distances between fill-ups.

Cruisers Yachts' 59-Footer For Summer 2015 - Clapway

According to Cruisers Yachts, the yacht-building business is starting to make a comeback. They say that the American yacht buying market is pretty strong, and that the European market is also starting to improve. The average yacht buyer is between the ages of 45 and 70, but they say that younger buyers are also starting to show an interest if they can afford the cost.

Cruisers Yachts plans their annual dealership meeting in July in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, where the new 59-foot yacht will be shown off to potential buyers. They say that there has already been a huge response from people who plan to travel there to view the new addition to their fleet and put their names on a waiting list to buy it.