Ziptrek to Unveil Longest Ecotour Zip Line

If you love the thrill of feeling the wind blow through your hair as you slide through the forest on a fast moving zip line, then you will be excited to travel to Canada this summer to be one of the first zip line riders of Ziptrek Ecotours new ecotour adventure.

A zip line is a suspended steel cable that takes riders as high as 15 stories up into the air as they wear a special harness and helmet and “fly” among the trees or mountain via a special pulley. There are aerial platforms, bridges, stairs and all kinds of exciting ways to have fun along the way as they can reach speeds of up to 50-miles per hour or 80-kilometers an hour.

Ziptrek is one of the leading adventure ecotourism leaders in the world, and is now launching the longest zip line operating in the US or Canada in its primary site in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The new adventure ride will go along a route that is two kilometers or 1.24 miles and will take riders up the Blackcomb Mountains until they reach their final destination at Whistler Mountain.

Ziptrek’s CEO Charles Steele says that the company is excited about this new ecotour ride and tells potential riders of the zip line that it will allow them to be in a positon to have a glorious adventure and a unique perspective of all the nature and other surroundings along the route.

The new zip line ride will have two different options for riders: a single experience along the zip line, as well as a tourist version of the experience for those who want to do more than just zing through the mountains and get the thrill of the speed, height and distance. Either way, riders will travel along an exciting and thrilling route.

Ziptrek has three permanent sites for their zip line adventure tours, including sites in Queenstown, New Zealand, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, and this one in Whistler, British Columbia in Canada. They have also been part of signature events in towns such as Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, San Francisco and Indianapolis in the US.

Ziptrek Ecotours, which opened in 2002, has gotten awards for having the ‘Best Adventure Tour,’ as well as receiving the ‘Environmental Business of the Year’ award for its operation in Whistler.The adventure company offers zip line riders a unique way to see the surroundings on their ecotour adventures combined with the thrill of being high up in the air and hooked to a zip line.

These adventures help patrons be aware of their environment and they get to learn about ways to conserve and help protect it, as well as get a thrilling ride as they travel through a forest or up a mountain on the zip line.