Facebook’s Rooftop Garden Office Space

How would you like to tour a rooftop garden that spans 9-acres and is on top of a building? Today, workers at Facebook got to do just that as they arrived at work and had the first chance to check out their new workspace. In a fantastic example of modern day architecture designed by Frank Gehry of Canada, employees entered a garden of Eden, a place of serenity in the hectic atmosphere of the office. In designing this space, Gehry kept the practical and unassuming feel that Mark Zuckerberg wanted while creating a workplace that makes staff feel that they are on a walk in the park.

The headquarters of Facebook is open for guided tours. If you are headed to sunny California anytime soon, why not check out the rooftop garden for yourself? Accessible from the totally glass lobby, a tour of the grounds will impress you as there are at least four hundred trees located on top of this building, known as MPK 20. The superbly laid out structure is situated near a beautiful marshland where employees can take a break from the day and go for a run.

Facebook's Rooftop Garden Office Space - Clapway

The campus of the Facebook headquarters, as a result of this new addition to it’s footprint, includes an additional 430,000 square feet of office space. Workers can easily throw ideas back and forth in the huge, open concept work area. Both the newly opened and the original offices of Facebook headquarters can be reached in a reasonable time since there is an underground tunnel linking the two campuses. Sources have also indicated that the corporation has purchased an additional 56 acres across the street for future expansion.

Already, both Facebook headquarter locations are like towns in themselves. You will find such treats as a candy shop, barber shop and bike repair. The bike repair makes complete sense as there are bikes free for use by employees on every corner. If you know an employee of Facebook, head on over to 1 Hacker Way, where you are welcome to hang out with them for a few hours and enjoy a meal, provided free to workers and their friends. This rooftop garden is a cool place to take a tour and an even cooler place to work!