Climate Change To Have Lasting Effect On Our Planet

When it comes to the term “climate change”, many people have come to treat it as a source of anxiety, something that they don’t want to hear about or deal with. There has been much discussion over the last 10 years or so about whether it is real or not by the public. However, for scientists and environmentalists around the world, it is no longer a matter if it is real but how to fix it.
The efforts that are being put forth all over the world to help save our melting polar ice caps are real, and so are the devastating effects of climate change. Mount Kilimanjaro, for example, used to be covered in snow at its summit and now it is gone. There is hardly any snow at all if you were to visit there today. This is not simply happenstance, it is a true change coming from the Earth’s inhabitant’s way of life.

Because of all of the carbon emissions that are pouring forth into our Earth’s atmosphere, the whole planet is suffering. This is why there has been such a rise in favor of eco-friendly businesses and products. It is an effort to help save our planet from further destruction.

Recently, researchers have uncovered what would appear to be a form of fossilized wildlife in California. The University of California is currently responsible for the discovery of this object. There was a shocking truth behind this fossil. It revealed that the oxygen levels of our oceans is dropping rapidly. This is a huge problem for marine life as it significantly hinders their ability to survive. They joined together with the National Academy of Sciences in order to perform this revealing study.

The Marine Scientists Institute is determined to help raise climate change awareness and to conduct further studies so that there will be tangible proof for all who want to learn more about this issue. Currently, however, it is said that even if the whole of Earth’s inhabitants changed today and made all of the necessary adjustments, that it would still easily take the Earth’s atmosphere several thousand years to recover completely.

The way that things are going right now, it does not look too good for the future of our planet. However, by acknowledging climate change, and increasing awareness we are able to help make a difference. If each of us commits to using fluorescent bulbs, to recycle glass and to use filtered tap water instead of bottled it can truly make a huge impact. To this last point, bottled water is actually held at a lower standard than tap water, so it is helpful to both you and the environment to make this choice. By every one of us putting in our commitment, pitching in and doing all that we can to help, we can save our planet and make it a much more pleasant place to live for future generations.