Switzerland To House World’s Tallest Hotel

The plans and concept designs for what could easily be the tallest hotel in the world, are currently in the works. With the objective being to have this hotel be part of Switzerland’s luxurious Val Resort, the hotel will be a magnificent and modern structure, trumping even Dubai’s famed Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and JW Marriott Marquis hotels.

The idea will be to create a massive 381 meter tall hotel that will tower over the Swiss landscape. It will be a very unique opportunity for guests to experience the best views anywhere as they will be extremely high up. The room rates are set to go anywhere from 675 to 16,000 euros a night once the building task has been completed.

The goal for the world’s tallest hotel is to be as minimalistic as possible to allow nature to take center stage around it. It is supposed to be a sort of save haven for its inhabitants while providing high-end luxury and commodities for its visitors. Ideally the hotel will actually camouflage in with its surroundings so that its guests feel as though they are one with the beautiful Swiss landscape.

Based on current building plans, the goal is set for it to be completed by 2019. However, not all is well in paradise as the building project has come under some serious criticism for its proposed budget which would cost the Swiss government approximately 200 million Swiss Francs to construct and develop. Not all hope is lost, however, as discussions continue and the hotel’s future still looks bright.

One of the biggest issues with the tallest hotel’s construction by its critics is the serious questioning of judgement by placing the hotel in the Swiss Alps. The logic is that nobody would need to have a long stay in such a small area of the Alps, much less pay an exorbitant amount of money to stay there for an extended period of time. The suggestion is to move it closer to one of Switzerland’s hubs of activity so that the guests who stay there have access to much more activities and all of the great Swiss restaurants that are available.

For those who are strongly supporting the hotel’s construction and development, this project is a great way to help promote Switzerland’s tourist activity and to help build its reputation across the world as a welcoming vacation spot. Switzerland already also has some fantastic resorts and spaces available for tourists and visitors. The idea would be to help grow the economy and to see Switzerland prosper even more from this by using the tallest hotel in the world to their advantage.

While this amazing project is still in its beginning stages, with the need to have permission granted for the planning process and for building to actually take place, the architects and designers of this fantastic tallest hotel are still very hopeful that it will be a success and that by 2019, Switzerland will make a big mark on the world.