Egyptian Museum Reopens For Public Viewing

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is finally ready to completely reopen to the public after having areas that were under renovation for almost 5 years. While it was never completely off limits, it is good to have the whole museum accessible again. Its new opening hours are as follows: Monday it opens at 9 am, and Tuesday through Sunday it opens at 8:30 am. The museum is thrilled to be able to allow the public access to all of its exhibits once again. The renovations were also mostly to help give the museum a much-needed facelift as it is very old and has served faithfully for many, many years as a great source of Egyptian knowledge.

This museum has a great history to it and holds some of the most famous Egyptian artifacts and works in the world. Built in 1824, it has always held a special place in the hearts of the people of France. Some of the highlights of this museum are a statue of Rameses II, the Tomb of Kha, and the Elesija Temple. It also holds many amazing collections of work, including the Drovetti Colletion, and many papyrus collections as well.

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is the only one in the world besides the Cairo Museum that is solely dedicated to Egyptian artifacts, culture and works. It is truly a majestic collection to behold. This amazing institution has also become a landmark for many scholars to come visit and learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilization. Even if you had never known anything about the Egyptian culture, art, or their way of life you could learn a massive amount by spending time in this well-stocked museum. They have a vast collection of statues, artifacts, and even mummified remains that you can take a look at.

The Egyptian Museum in Turin’s collection is absolutely astounding. There are over 7,000 books, 2,000 journals, and many graduation theses. It also includes statues, papyri, sarcophagi, amulets, bronzes, and many objects of daily life. One of their top collections that they have on exhibition is their Drovetti Collection. This section alone has over 80 statues, 150 papyri, and many unique Egyptian antiquities.

While there are approximately 6,500 objects that are on display at the Egyptian Museum in Turin at the present time, there is a much more massive number in their storage. They have over 20,000 different objects, papyri scrolls, objects and artifacts galore from this amazing ancient Egyptian civilization.

There are many amazing wonders in this world, and one of them was the Egyptian civilization. By keeping our knowledge alive and ever-increasing it through the exhibitions and study of all of their objects and scrolls, we are sure to learn more about this ancient people than we ever did before. The Egyptian Museum in Turin is truly one of the best places in the world to go if you are ever interested in studying and seeing authentic Egyptian culture at its finest.