Start Of Freshwater Fishing Season In New York

New York has announced the opening of its freshwater fishing season, featuring mainly trout. The season will run starting at midnight April 1st and going through October 15th. Because of all of the snow that New York had this past winter, the waters will be very cold and murky. The visibility for fishing will not be that great, as fish will have a hard time seeing any bait or lures that are thrown their way. However, there is still hope that this freshwater fishing season will be one of the best for New York as the weather and visibility continue to improve.

There are many who love to fish in New York State, and have begun to claim their spots along the river banks to ensure that they have the best freshwater fishing spots available.

There are many regulations that must be upheld when participating in the freshwater fishing season here in New York. There are general guidelines and then each county has specific guidelines of its own. If you are looking to participate, be sure to read up on the guidelines for your particular area so that you are aware.

A couple of the biggest general rules for the freshwater fishing season are to heed the catch limit and to have a fishing license. Also know that catching any endangered fish and keeping it is illegal, so it is important to know which species fall under this category. As far as the trout are concerned, there is a limit of up to 5 fish per day per person. This is in effect regardless of the size of the trout caught. For lake trout, the limit per day is 3.

The guidelines and regulations that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has put in place to help protect the trout and avoid unnecessary overfishing. Having a fishing license ensures that you are legally aware of these guidelines and that you have the permission to fish in New York waters.

When it comes to methods for freshwater fishing, there are certain rules to abide by. Some of the rules that are being enforced are to be in immediate attendance any time your line is in the water, and not to have over five lures or baits per fishing line. Bowfishing is a bit more selective, as it is allowed in some counties and prohibited in others. Any other methods such as spear fishing, dip netting, and snatching need to be discussed with your local fishing authorities.

The National Weather Service is predicting that the temperatures outdoors will be quite cold tonight and for a while during the beginning of the fishing season until the temperatures begin to warm up in a few weeks. Be sure to be properly covered and keep warm as it can be quite miserable to be fishing in such frigid conditions otherwise.

The freshwater fishing season is a great time to enjoy trout and to take advantage of the family outings that this can provide. Whether it’s fishing by yourself, with a buddy, or bringing your whole family along, there is plenty of fun to be had by all here in New York State.