Nick Vujicic Lives To Serve Others

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982. Although three ultrasounds did not reveal his condition, he was born without arms and legs. Nick questioned his purpose in life as he grew up, and suffered from depression and the feeling that he would always be a burden to others. Before entering his teen years, at the age of 10, he attempted to drown himself. Today, he is happy to be here and spends his life serving others by giving motivational talks all over the world.

Nick was bullied as a young boy, particularly between the ages of 8 and 12, but after his suicide attempt he began to accept that he was meant to be here and that he had a contribution to make to society. By the age of 17, Nick’s gift was evident when he gave his first motivational speech. When he was 20, he traveled to Africa and gave away $20,000 to the poor. Exciting things were beginning to happen for Nick, and today he serves his purpose thankfully and with hope by motivating others with his life experiences and determination.

In 2014, Nick Vujicic traveled to 24 countries – he has been to 54 in his lifetime – helping others realize their own worth. At the end of March, 2015 he spent some time in Russia visually and verbally motivating people of all ages to persevere and encouraging them to believe there is hope for the future. In May and June of this year, Vujicic will be touring several states across North America, such as Oregon, Washington and California. This inspirational man has spoken to millions of people worldwide, in venues such as schools, orphanages, stadiums and prisons. He has served others by sharing his life story one on one and before crowds of over 35,000 people. He is presently the president of a non profit organization, Life Without Limbs.

Nick married Kanae Miyahara in 2012 and they have a son, Kiyoshi. An author of several motivational books such as Life Without Limits, Nick and his family live in California, where he loves to swim and surf and occasionally hits the surf board or joins in on a soccer game.