Tech Giants Make Great April Fool’s Gags

With everyone’s favorite day (or least favorite, depending on who is at the brunt of the joke) fast approaching, the internet has become the playground for April Fool’s jokes across the web, with major tech giants like CERN, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Motorola, BMW, Sony, and Uber chiming in for the April fool’s gag reels.

April Fools’ Day is the one day of the year when you can play practical jokes at the office and get away with it, or perhaps on your spouse without getting a divorce. Tech companies around the world join in on the fun making for enough jokes to last the year.

The European Research center of CERN took a break splitting atoms and making black holes and announced a spoof discovery of the FORCE, with pictures of the CERN scientists using their new powers around the office. While the Microsoft employees had some kicks when they produced a magic palm reader on Bing’s homepage that could read the mind of its searcher for better results. And yes, it was functional on touch screen devices.

The guys and girls of Google never disappoint on the hilarious holiday, and this year changed the famous Google picture on the homepage to reverse. They also released a way to take emotional selfies on Chrome, Google also released a way to play Pac-Man on Google maps last Tuesday.

Uber teamed up with Groupon to release “Uber Car Cat Drivers”, called Grøüber. Stating that the offer would be using cars with GPS-guided red lasers, the kitty captain of the car would get travelers to their destinations as quick and efficient as possible. While Samsung released its Glaxay Blade Edge, the world’s first smart knife, stating the device was fire and water proof, could chop 50% faster, and possibly update your Facebook status. Fellow mobile company Motorola also made a funny April Fools’ video with their workers fashioning “selfie sticks” for their potential lonely mobile users.

All in all it was good round up for comedy, as we will have to wait for the day to unfold for any more hijinks to reveal themselves. Watch out!