Space Apps Challenge Starts April 10th In New York

Running April 10-12, this year’s 4th Annual International Space Apps challenge will begin the adventure for participating scientists, teachers, pupils, entrepreneurs and some regular citizens. Sponsored by NASA, the annual event is actually going to include people who travel from all over the world and involve over 135 places, with the Global Main Stage Event occurring in New York. Guests in New York will include NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, as well as NASA agency Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan, along with NASA Chief Technology IT Officer Deborah Diaz.

The 2015 International Space Apps Challenge is geared toward encouraging civilian scientists from all over the globe to invent new and innovative methods of using space data. There will be over 200 different information sets, tools and services for them to use during this exciting adventure that could be part of the Earth’s future in solving today’s real challenges that are being faced by the entire planet.

Space App - Clapway

This year’s challenge represents NASA’s priorities for their missions in four different topics: exploration of space, robotics, Earth studies and research on human health. The participants must be able to collect the information in their experiments and then know what to do with it to make it useful for the future in order to help make life better on our planet Earth.

Some of the expected activities those who travel to the 2015 International Space Apps Challenge will do include creating mobile apps, software and hardware, as well as data visualization tools and platforms geared to help solve problems that are affecting our world. There will be 35 challenges in all, with many supporting NASA missions and the Earth in several ways and forms.

Some of the possible topics that the participants may involve themselves with include code development, innovative uses for data analytics, and the development of open source software and hardware. Plus, for the very first time, there will be a Data Boot Camp focused on Women in Data. It is open to the general public to help people get better in their data and computer coding abilities. The Boot Camp will be streamed live from the main stage.

If you want to see the total challenge listing, go to: or you can also follow the action if you have a Twitter account with #spaceapps. In addition, if any media wish to attend the New York portion of the 2015 Space Apps Challenge, then they need to register by calling Eldora Valentine by 9 AM on April 8th at 202-358-3968 or sending an email to her at [email protected]