Female Triathlete Rachel Joyce’s Goals Of Equality

Rachel Joyce, a professional female triathlete, or triathlon athlete, has competed in numerous competitions organized and registered under the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).

Her strong body, spirit, and will have all contributed to her success in the sport, but as well as to her pursuits. Not only does she spends most of her time doing her best to travel and train, but is also persuasive in achieving an even gameplay in the triathlon industry.

She co-founded a new movement in the triathlon industry that aims to provide equality for both men and women participating in the sport. According to her, the origins of triathlon provides equal opportunities for men and women, but in today’s standards, a shift can be obviously seen. What Rachel Joyce is reacting about is the fact that WTC events have more slots allotted for men athletes than for women.

Female Triathlete Rachel Joyce’s Goals Of Equality - Clapway

In WTC’s triathlon event last summer, only 35 slots were allotted for women athletes compared to the 50 slots provided for the men. Rachel does not want to decrease the number of male slots but rather wants to have equal opportunities for both sexes. According to her, with men outnumbering women in the starting lines, aspiring women runners might have the idea that to travel to a triathlon event is not a women’s sport.

With strong support from female triathletes and athletes alike, Rachel’s motives are further strengthened. When asked what her approaches in moving the pursuit forward were, she simply answered that she, along with other supporters, are opening up a conversation about their mission with the WTC CEO, Andrew Messick, which shows her peace enthralled personality that have been long hidden underneath the ravaging fighting spirit.

In the CEO’s defense, more pro male athletes are registered compared to women which would also be logical to have gaps between the male and female ratio during competitions. Though, Rachel finds this flawed especially that the 50 men to 35 women ratio does not have a basis. Something that was simply picked out of the air.

With the 2014 summer triathlon not ending up according to what she intended, she plans to continue her approaches and initiatives in this year 2015. According to her, if change still does not happen, she will still be there for the 2016. In the end, Rachel Joyce will not be solely remembered for her physical skills, but also for her determination and driving force to make a change, making her an iconic embodiment of the triathlon industry.

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