Man Hopes To Be First To Cross The Arctic Circle

Solo adventurer, Thomas Ulrich, is attempting to become the first person ever to cross the Arctic Circle, and he is attempting to do this alone and on foot. He is expected to travel over 1242 miles in temperatures that can potentially dip under -50 degrees Fahrenheit. To do so, he is using some rather unorthodox training methods for his perilous journey.

For example, one of his training methods is to pull up tires up the mountains in the town of Interlaken, Switzerland. This method is used as a way to prepare him to carry supplies as he is trekking forward on skis. In addition, he has many useful items in his storage rooms, which include: tools, socks, 15 sleeping bags and canoes. Although, he is not going to carry all of the supplies at once, he needs to carry as much as possible in order to cross the Arctic Circle. Not only is he doing physical training to accomplish this goal, he is training mentally as well. He draws inspiration from previous Norwegian explorers such as Franz Josef Land and Fridtjof Nansen. In fact, Ulrich has a picture of Nansen in his storage room.

The Quest to Cross the Arctic Circle

Crossing the Arctic Circle is one enormous excursion Thomas Ulrich has wanted to complete for nearly a decade. Back in 2006, Ulrich attempted this task, but failed because of inclimate weather. In fact, during this brief adventure, he was actually on the brink of death. Now, he is more determined than ever to achieve his goal to cross the Arctic Circle. When he was asked about Polar Bears, Ulrich says to always keep a rifle near you when sleeping. In a humorous tone, he also said it is best to have pants on at all times.

For most people, a near death experience is enough to traumatize them. However, this obviously isn’t applicable to Thomas Ulrich, who possesses an almost irrational obsession with accomplishing the task. Most people will most likely not understand why he wants to embark on this dangerous journey, but there is no way they can convince him out of it.Seems like Thomas Ulrich isn’t the only person obsessed with snow and ice. Check out polar explorer, Eric Larsen: