Phantom 3, An Affordable Drone With Camera

The Phantom 3 drone from DJI, as seen on DJI’s website, is the newest drone in its Phantom line. It is made to be far superior to its predecessors, while still maintaining affordability for people who want this kind of technology. It is definitely an advancement in drone equipment.

Phantom 3, An Affordable Drone With Camera - Clapway

Amazing Features of The Phantom 3 – An Affordable Drone With Camera Function

There are many amazing features that can be found on the new Phantom 3 drone from DJI. Some of these include an aerial camera, intuitive take-off and landing, live view of the action in HD, and the ability to use a remote control to manage where you want the Phantom 3 to go.

The aerial camera that is included on this Phantom 3 includes a 4K camera on its Professional model, and a 1080p HD camera on its Phantom 3 Advanced model. Other than the difference in the camera specs, there are not many differences between the two, allowing for a more affordable drone should you not need the full 4K camera capability.

There are other great features to touch on with the Phantom 3 in both models. The live view in HD, for example, allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the drone, which enables you to watch a live feed on that device and see what the drone sees. It’s almost like you are flying because you are able to view exactly what the Phantom 3 drone from DJI does and where it goes.

Affordability of the New Phantom 3 Drone

The new Phantom 3 drone from DJI is surprisingly affordable considering all of the upgrades and new technology that have been put into it. Currently, there are different price points based on what model Phantom 3 drone from DJI you want.
The Phantom 3 Advanced will cost you $999, and with the extra battery that raises the price to $1,099. If you want to buy the Phantom 3 Professional, the price is $1,259 for the basic version, and then it is $1,359 to buy a Professional model with an extra battery. These prices allow for those who want great footage and portability, as well as flexibility of a drone, to have one.
DJI’s Fly Safe

The Fly Safe program also has tips for anyone who is interested in using the Phantom 3 drone from DJI, as seen on their Fly Safe page. They show you the right tips and tricks so that you have the best experience possible with the new Phantom 3. Some of the tips include checking that your drone is fully charged before using it (not that hard to forget, actually), only fly in open areas, and only fly the drone at safe altitudes. The Phantom 3 drone from DJI is sure to give everyone a great filming experience, whether they just love great photography or are even in the movie-making business.

An affordable drone with camera functioning and aerial photography like the Phantom 3 would be just what a paraglider could use: