A Portable Lighting Studio For Photography Fanatics

Photography has always been a passion for Samuel Granger, the creator of Adaptalux. About five years ago, he became particularly interested in the field of macro photography, or extreme close-up photography. However, as most photographers already know, without adequate lighting, it is very hard to produce a good image; lighting is challenging to learn, and can also be very expensive. Though Samuel tried all sorts of different equipment to combat these issues, all were less than ideal.

For starters, most products available on the market are time-consuming, not to mention cumbersome, to set up. This got him thinking; why isn’t there a better solution? Well, now there is. Enter the Adaptalux, an adaptable miniature lighting studio built for macro photography and videography. The versatile device makes it easy for photographers to harness the perfect lighting source for whatever macro subject they are photographing – from the veins of a leave to the soft petals of a flower.


It has been created around modular design, essentially allowing the user to quickly ‘build’ a lighting environment to suit any macro subject. According to Samuel, “This modular approach also means there is no set way of using the product and therefore an infinite amount of different lighting set-ups can be created.”

How is this possible? Well, the Adaptalux is split into three adjustable main components: the control pod, the lighting arms, and effect components – all of which are portable, adaptable, and ideal for use when taking photographs while traveling.

Features of the Adaptalux Macro Photography Lighting Studio:

1. The Control Pod
The Control Pod is the modular hub, which acts as the “command center” for the other facets of the Adaptalux.
2. The Lighting Arms
The Lighting Arms connect to the Control Pod and is the source of lighting for your photographs.

3. Effect Components
Effect Components will further expand the lighting capabilities of the Adaptalux. At the moment, a few of the prototypes will allow users to add diffusions and filtered colors to a photograph by simply snapping a component onto the ends of the Lighting Arms.

The combination of all these features will ultimately offer users complete control over the number of light sources, the brightness and color of the light, and the angle of the light, among other things. Samuel and his team are also simultaneously working on Adaptalux L.E.D., or the Adaptalux Lighting Environment Database, which will function as a web space built onto the company website. An app for the database will also save pictures of specific Adaptalux lighting set-ups for yourself and others to use, thereby connecting a community of photographers.

So far, the campaign on Kickstarter has already raised over £55,000, and with 17 days left to go, the Adaptalux doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Also check out some new updates here.