Man Calculates Fantastic NYC Walking Tour

If you are a tourist on an adventure in New York City, you are probably getting pretty overwhelmed by everything there is to see and would be happy to have a NYC walking tour to follow when you travel. Getting around in NYC isn’t that hard, as there are obviously lots of taxis, buses and the subway, but the best way to see the top attractions in the city, according to those who live there and have visited, is to do it by walking.

Man Designs NYC Walking Tour
If you have found yourself in that situation, you are in luck, as there is now a fantastic NYC walking tour guide for you to use to travel all over the city and not miss out on any of its best things to see and do. Randy Olson, a Ph.D. candidate and the man who developed guides to the best road trips in the US and Europe in a short timeframe, has used his same process to come up with this latest NYC walking tour guide.

Olsen began creating his guide by figuring out the top 27 things to do and see in New York City based on data from TripAdvisor website. Then, he put the information into an algorithm called the Python code he invented and came up with a NYC walking tour guide that covers 14 miles of travel in New York City.
NYC Walking Tour Covers Top NYC Attractions

His calculated NYC walking tour guide has approximately four and a half hours of travel, according to Olsen, and involves a plan to let the walker visit all the main sites such as Central Park, the famous Times Square, where the New Year’s Eve parties are held every year, as well as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and all the rest of the related top 27 NYC attractions.
Olsen suggests that tourists to the New York area break up his NYC walking tour into sections and decide which areas they want to cover in a given day. In that way, you will eventually be able to visit all 27 of the attractions and have time to spend enjoying them without wearing yourself out.

If you are getting ready to travel to New York City to see what this famous and well-known town has to offer, then be sure to check out Olsen’s NYC walking tour guide. As an added bonus, it also includes some walking guides for places to see in Philadelphia, as well.