Macro Photography Lighting Is A No-Brainer

If you’re a traveler interested in macro photography, the Adaptalux, an adaptable miniature lighting studio, is a must-have. In a previous article, we’ve covered some of the its unique features, such as its modular design, customizable effect components, and manipulable lighting arms. Since the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, however, the Adaptalux has undergone some very well-welcomed changes, making macro photography lighting a no-brainer.

Samuel Ganger, the mastermind behind the project, has specifically designed the device for macro photography and videography. After all, as a photographer himself, he knows first-hand how difficult it is to produce a good image without the proper lighting; camera equipment is often cumbersome and difficult to set up, not to mention expensive. Luckily, the Adaptalux takes all the hassle away, making it easy for photographers to customize and essentially build their own lighting environment to suit any macro subject. With this tool, the options are seemingly endless, as “there is no set way of using the product…an infinite amount of different lighting set-ups can be created.”

Its newest feature, however, makes the Adaptalux macro photography lighting studio even more versatile, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Samuel and his team have been working hard to make the Control Pod, a modular hub that acts as the Adaptalux “command center,” wirelessly compatible via Bluetooth.

A Macro Photography Enthusiast's Must-Have

What does this mean for the Adaptalux macro photography lighting studio?

The update makes the Adaptalux App even more powerful and useful to photographers. With the adaptor, the Adaptalux electronic settings can be controlled through the Adaptalux app wirelessly, and lighting set-ups can be downloaded and uploaded with a tap of a button; ‘live’ electronic adjustments of your lighting environment can also be changed in the same manner.

A Macro Photography Enthusiast's Must-Have

The new update will ultimately offer users complete control over every facet step of the lighting procedure, ensuring that videographers, travelers, and macro photography enthusiasts are able to snap or record the best image possible. The Adaptalux campaign is now entering its final stretch on Kickstarter, with just 12 days left. In that time, the project has raised over £69,000, and with a funding goal of £100,000, bringing the Adaptalux macro photography lighting studio to the market is just around the corner.