Meeting Great Expectations

I’m one of those people that likes watching a series on a weekly basis–every Tuesday, Sunday, or whatever. I know this is rare and, believe me, I went through a few stages of binge-watching Friends and Doctor House. However, I have come to notice that I enjoy each episode best when the feeling of wanting to know what is going to happen next is coupled with having to wait for the satisfaction.

I love all of this. All of it. In every single way. I love the feeling of great expectations when you know you’re traveling soon. I love the bubbling of my urge to see all of what I have been planing to delight in–for months at times. To me, it is all part of the experience. Even packing (which sometimes can be really stressful) is part of it. Knowing that once I close my bags I’m one step closer to my destiny is almost as satisfying as unpacking the luggage when you get to where you are staying.

Meeting Great Expectations - Clapway

We’ve all heard at least once in our lives the cliche that you should expect nothing in order to have no disappointments. While it is true that sometimes our great expectations aren’t met by the things we do or the people we meet, expecting something still makes it twice as exciting when you actually do it. Excitement influences in about 80% of the fun you can have while doing it. The entirety of the amusement from your experience is based on something easily based on your great expectations.

This is what gets your heart pounding when you’re finally in that place you have wanted to go to for so long. This is what makes you want to jump up and down once you reach the mountain top and what puts the butterflies in your stomach while being in the queue for a rollercoaster. Great expectations are the building up to what you already know, in your heart, will be great.

Inspired by a poem by its reader, “Travelling Light” may shoot inspiration your way future trips, and traveling with a lightly packed, open heart: