Vampire Squid, A Very Strange Species Of Squid

Of all the different varieties of squid, the Vampire Squid is a very strange species of squid. Even though by its name you would think it a bloodsucker, the vampire squid actually only eats zooplankton, is actually part of the animals in the Cephalopoda class. This means that Vampire Squids have a lot in common with some of the oldest sea creature fossils that have ever lived.

Vampire Squid Lights Up, Mates More Than Once

Of all the strange squid species that travel through the ocean’s waters, the Vampire Squid (or Vampyroteuthis infernalis) has a unique way to get away from its enemies. As it makes its travel far below the waters nearly a half-mile down near the bottom of the ocean, this quid can light itself up if it is threatened because it has bioluminescent bacteria that lives in its arm pockets that can light up and startle its enemies.

For the most part, the vampire squid has a calm, uneventful existence, which means it can conserve its strength since its food is not high in nutrients. But it has a very interesting feature that makes this strange squid species stand out from others in its class of animals. The Vampire squid can mate several times in life, which is very different from any other squid. Most squids only mate once in their entire life.

Being able to travel around, glow in the dark, and mate several times means this strange squid species has the ability to not only have more chances of continuing its species’ existence — it also requires less energy to release its 100 or so eggs 100 times in the course of its life. Usual squid species have the burden of releasing hundreds all at once, only one time in the course of their lives.

Vampire Squid Studied From Old Specimens

Scientists determined these facts about this strange species of squid by dissecting several old specimens from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. They also figured out that the Vampire Squid lives as long as eight years, which is also longer than other kinds of squid. Most animals in the Cephalopoda Class only live two years or less.

Since discovering all of these never before known facts regarding the Vampire squid, this strange squid species is causing scientists to want to know even more about this marine creature. In the past, little was known about the Vampire squid, so these new facets of its existence are exciting scientists into action. Their goal is to learn as much as they can about this elusive sea creature. The bottom line is that the Vampire Squid is a very strange squid species drawing new attention in the adventure of learning more about all of the odd and wonderful marine creatures that live in the depths of our cold ocean waters.

Deep in the ocean, strange giant squids are abound — but no one would think of such up such a strange Vampire Squid; enjoy this video about the depths of power granted to an ocean: