London Marathon 2015 Winners for Men, Women

London Marathon 2015: The overall winner is first time victor Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, who beat out last year’s defending victor Wilson Kipsang to finish the 26.2-mile foot race, able to travel the route within a time of 2-hours, 4-minutes, and 42-seconds. However, he didn’t break Kipsang’s record from last year of 2-hours, 4-minutes and 29-seconds.

Kipchoge credits his London marathon 2015 win to his training, and the crowd’s cheering that inspired his sprint to the finish line. Kipchoge also was the victor in marathons of Chicago and Rotterdam last year. He is a previous 5,000 meter winner. The finish this year for the London Marathon winner was very close, as Kipchoge managed to get ahead of last year’s winner within the last 800 meters of the race.

Women’s London Marathon 2015 Winner Ends 4-Year Streak

Even though Kenya can claim the victor for the men’s London Marathon 2015 winner in Kipchoge, their four-year winning streak in the women’s event ended as the women’s London Marathon winner in 2015 is Tigist Tufa, the second woman from Ethiopia to win in this marathon event. Tufa, 28, took her London Marathon 2015 win as her first major marathon victory with a time to travel the course equaling 2-hours, 23-minutes, and 22-seconds, with Kenya’s two-time winner Mary Keitany 18 seconds behind her to take 2nd in the women’s section, and third was won by Tufa’s fellow Ethiopian, Tirfi Tsegaye. Tufa said she had always dreamed of being the London Marathon winner and that she was happy the race was over because she had been feeling sick toward its end.

Previous London Marathon Winner Runs Last Race

A previous 2003 London Marathon Winner for the women’s section was saying her goodbyes to marathon running in this year’s race. Paula Radcliffe who has won three London Marathons, set a world record in 2003 with a travel time of 2-hours, 15-minutes and 25-seconds, but this year her time was well above that, with an unofficial recorded time of 2-hours, 36-minutes and 55-seconds.

This means Radcliffe doesn’t qualify for getting into the Olympics, but says she used the 2015 London Marathon to say goodbye to her racing career. She thanked the people who had given her encouragement during the race. She was awarded a lifetime achievement award presented to her by Britain’s Prince Henry, who also gave out the medals to the 2015 London Marathon winner for the men and women’s races.

Other London Marathon 2015 Winner Categories

Other London Marathon Winner category victors were 12-year old Romeo Beckham in the children’s 3-mile version of the London Marathon. The winners of the women’s wheelchair category was America’s, Tatyana McFadden for the third year in a row. America’s Joshua George, a first time winner in the men’s wheelchair category.

Other than the London Marathon 2015 record times, here is some running inspiration remind us to run hard and include it in your day-to-day lifestyle: