Israeli Airlifts Surrogate Babies From Nepal

Times are vastly changing, as well as culture and what is considered the cultural norm. Twenty-five surrogate babies are being airlifted and brought to Israel where they will live with their new parents. The infants are coming from Nepal and are to be put in the care of their surrogate families, most of them being same-sex couples. With Nepal suffering the after affects of a massive earthquake, the Israeli government stepped in to fly the babies out to their new homes.

Israelis Turn to Nepal for Surrogate Mothers

As with most countries, Israel has couples who are childless and want surrogate mothers so that they can have children. The act of a surrogate mother is highly controversial and even banned in some countries. It is only allowed for heterosexual couples in Israel to have a surrogate in the country. A measure was passed allowing same sex couples to have a surrogate, but nothing has been put up for a vote. However, the country of Nepal allows for surrogate babies to be born in the country as long as the baby is not from a Nepalese woman. Single parents, as well as same sex couples would often travel to Nepal to take on the adventure of parenting–usually through Indian women.

Surrogate Babies Born in Kathmandu

Nepal is one of the cheapest and easiest options for those wanting surrogate babies. Israel is protecting the interests of their citizens by flying the infants to Israel ensuring their safety and wellbeing at this time of confusion in the country after a devastating 7.8 earthquake on Saturday. The babies were initially born in Kathmandu and upon arriving in Israel, they will be subject to a DNA test to decipher their parentage, then be made citizens of Israel. This group of Kathmandu-born surrogate babies came from surrogate mothers in India, whose father’s are homosexual Israelis.

The April 25 earthquake that hit Nepal, is the most powerful disaster since 1934. As of today, it’s believed that more than 4,300 people have died as a result. This earthquake triggered avalanches on Mount Everest, with 18 people confirmed dead. By airlifting the babies out of the disaster struck area, Israel is bringing the surrogate babies out of danger, providing much needed peace of mind to the parents of the surrogate babies and the mothers who bore them. Their babies are now safe.

Surrogate babies from Nepal are being airlifted due to the mountains of Nepal. Mountains have always been a crux of beauty as well as trouble, but the beauty is far removed in Nepal after tragic events. For a reminder mountainous beauty, watch this short on New Zealand’s stunning mountains: