Nepal Earthquake Survivors Include 4-Month-Old

On April 25, Nepal suffered a horrible 7.8 earthquake, the worst since the one that shattered the country in the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. Three days after the quake, it is estimated that 10,000 people have lost their lives. On good news–one Nepal earthquake survivor, a four-month old survived being trapped in a collapsed building.

Casualties in Many Countries

Casualties were also reported in India, China and Bangladesh. Within minutes after the earthquake hit, the Indian government had already started a rescue-and-relief mission to recover Nepal earthquake survivors. Citizens of Nepal were also being evacuated. Experts had warned that Nepal was vulnerable to a deadly earthquake due to its location and architecture. There have been strong aftershocks throughout Nepal and surrounding countries that continue to send Nepal earthquake survivors, still residing there, into panic. The country is also now at risk for landslides.

Nepal earthquake survivors are spending their nights outdoors due to the earthquakes having shattered their homes to mere rubble. It seems like the people of Nepal are still facing the worst after losing their homes–and for many, their family. With an outbreak of measles, and diarrheal diseases among the survivors of the earthquake, survival continues to be difficult. However, there is hope. Amongst all the rubble, a child was found alive…

Nepal Earthquake Survivors A Miracle Among Disaster

One of the biggest heartbreaks of any earthquake is the loss of people’s families and loved ones. Thousands of people have died, but among them, lays a miracle for one family. A four-month-old survived in the rubble. During the earthquake, the parents of the four-month old lost their baby. The parents were frantically looking for their baby boy, but had no luck and reported their son missing. Rescuers soon came to help look for the child.

Nearly a day has passed and there had been no sign of this little life. The parents and rescuers soon began to give up hope. It wasn’t until 22 hours after the quake that faint cries were heard and rescuers went back for a second look. In the rubble, they finally found their baby boy. Swaddled in a blanket and covered in dirt from the rubble, the four-month old survived. Miraculously, after 22 hours, the child appeared fine, but was still sent to the hospital for a check-up.

The April 25th earthquake that shook up the citizens of Nepal is one of the worst disasters in about eighty years. Over 5,000 have died and officials expect the number to rise, yet this four-month old survived unscathed. This small bundle of life is hope for the people of Nepal.

A mountain biker–the top in Nepal–thoroughly enjoys the landscape of Nepal before its horrible tragedy: