Portable Speakers That Make A 10-Hour Ride Not Miserable

There’s one way to make a 10-hour car ride more miserable than it already is: factor music out of the equation. Sometimes, this is the fate many road trippers have to face mid-way through their adventure, when the radio sputters its last dying breath. Using your smartphone/mp3 player is not an option either, as it requires a jack – one you do not have on you. The solution? Introducing Xiaomi Mini speakers, a rechargeable and portable speaker system that works with your devices by wireless connecting through Bluetooth.

Portable Speakers That Make A 10-Hour Ride Not Miserable - Clapway

Features Of Xiaomi Portable Speakers:

By fully charging the device for four hours, users can expect to use the speakers for 13 hours non-stop. However, its coolest functionality is that it is capable of incoming call handling. In active Bluetooth mode, for example, the Xiaomi mini speakers can be used to answer or reject calls, thanks to a built-in mic.

This week, we were lucky enough to be able to try out the product, which was provided to us by Gearbest. My first impression was that the device was extremely light and compact. Its sleek and minimalistic design was achieved by hiding the buttons (volume control and play/pause) beneath the actual speaker. Connecting the device was also extremely simple. I simply turned on the Bluetooth functionality on my phone and waited for a connection to establish – all of which took 5 seconds.

Then came the real test. Once everything was set up and ready to go, I played several songs on the device. I immediately noticed that the sound quality was very clear and audible. The most impressive part, however, was the bass, which shook the entire surface of the table. I was surprised at how well the portable speakers were able to transmit the sound – impressive, not just for portable speakers, but for speakers in general.

I then decided to take this test even further, by going outside to assess the product. In both situations, the music was audible; the speakers continued to play clearly and fairly loudly, even after I put a considerable amount of distance between the product and myself. As such, it should have no problem performing in your car or room. If you’re looking for a durable and portable set of speakers, I would highly recommend the Xiaomi Mini speaker. Given its size, the gadget is an ideal, if not necessary, item for travelers/adventure lovers everywhere.

Here’s our review of the product below. For a special promo code to purchase the Xiaomi Mini portable speakers, click on the description below: