Travel Apps As Your Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift?

As we all already know, there’s a special day coming up: Mother’s Day. Now, if you’re still digging for a perfect gift there might be a convenient solution for you. Does your mom like to travel? Does she own a smartphone or iPhone ? If so, introduce her to the 21st century by downloading some travel apps to assist her in planning a trip. Modern technology allows us to easily organize everything, making it easy to find a good restaurant or hotel. There are also a bunch of mobile apps that are inexpensive or free. Regardless, they somehow make our lives so much easier.


Here’s a list of some amazing travel apps. Mom would be proud:
1. Kayak
This app will allow you to compare different options for flights, hotels or even car rentals. It is perfect for those who want to keep track of price alerts or check in on the status of a flight. Kayak has it all: from airport information to airline contact numbers – all a traveler needs to have a stress-free trip.

2. HotelTonight
Travel is not always predictable. That’s why it’s a good idea to always have a backup plan. HotelTonight helps a traveler carefully pick a last minute hotel. One can book a room through the phone in just three easy steps.

3. Duolingo
Duolingo is an amazing language learning tool that can literally fit into your back pocket. It’s easy to use and best of all, free!

4. Gate Guru
If you want to spare your mom some frustration during her travels, consider using Gate Guru, which will automatically provide you with up-to-date airport information and flight statuses.

5. Viber/Skype/WhatsApp/Nonoh
These travel apps make it easy for users to contact and communicate with their loved ones at home, either through instant messaging or calling. Just connect through Wi-Fi or any Internet source.

6. Instagram
There’s an easy way for your mom to capture all the perfect moments during her adventures abroad. Using Instagram, she can share these experiences with family, friends and the rest of the world.

If you love to travel, make things easier for yourself with the latest tips and travel tech, like the Xiaomi portable speaker system: