Moscow Celebrates 70th Victory Day of WWII Win

Squadron after squadron of Russian troops marched in the 70th Victory Day celebration parade in the Red Square in Moscow on May 9th to commemorate their triumph over the Nazis in Germany during World War II.

The 70th Victory Day is being boycotted this year by the Western leaders, who won’t travel to the celebration because of Russia’s part in the recent Ukrainian crisis situation.

70th Victory Day Shunned by West, But Other Nations Attend
Even though the leaders in the West didn’t travel to Moscow to participate in the 70th Victory Day parade and other celebrations, 30 other nation leaders have joined President Vladimir Putin. Chinese president Xi Jinping was on hand, along with United Nations ( Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Other dignitaries who were able to travel to attend the 70th Victory Day celebration in Moscow included representatives from India, as well as past Soviet republics and communist period associates like Cuba.

70th Victory Day Brings on Patriotic Feelings
Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be using the 70th Victory Day celebrations to bring on patriotic feelings in the Russian people. He used the event to show off the Russian’s new tank, an Armata T-14, their first one in 40 years, along with throngs of marching soldiers that included some dressed in World War II era clothing. Russian fighter jets also streamed across the sky over the marchers in the parade.

Russian World War II veterans were watching in the viewing areas, some wearing their medals and awards from World War II, and thousands of local people were on hand to watch the 70th Victory Day parade.

Rallies, Other Celebrations Marked 70th Victory Day
Putin also lead a celebration rally for the 70th Victory Day called the Immortal Regiment March. The rally included groups of people holding up photos of their relatives who fought in World War II. Accounts report that there were about 250,000 people who made travel to the Red Square rally, which is a record for the most people that have participated in the Moscow Victory Day event in the past few years.

Putin himself had his father’s photo to hold up during the rally and commented to the crowds that he was glad his father could be there beside him. Putin also was reported to have said that the Western boycott of the 70th Victory Day was very disrespectful on their parts and that they should have been there with him to honor the Russians who were killed in World War II.

Other smaller parades and local celebrations for the 70th Victory Day were held all over Russia to mark this national holiday.