SARTA Connects With Google, Ease Riders Worries

The public sector transit agency in Ohio, the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), is now offering Google Transit Maps to help riders plan their journeys. SARTA runs numerous bus routes in Canton, as well as downtown Akron and the surrounding areas. The bus system connects to the METRO RTA in Akron, helping people get to the Akron-Canton Regional Airport.

SARTA Now Offering Google Transit Maps

One thing that is an absolute must in a large city is a reliable transit system and an app or system that one could easily follow for getting around. SARTA already helps the people within Stark County, Ohio, get to where they need to go, but now with Google Transit Maps on its side, it can be even easier. SARTA connects with Google to make an easy system, even easier.

SARTA’s office is located in Canton and is managed by Director Kirt Conrad, as well as a team of nine other members. SARTA is able to function by being funded by the sales tax in Ohio that is twenty-five percent. SARTA was first approved by taxpayers in 1997 and funding has been renewed ever since.

SARTA offers a transfer hub, located in downtown Canton. The station includes an indoor customer service center, as well as the outside bus-boarding platform. The hub has about sixteen buses running per hour. There have been several other transfer centers opened because of SARTA. In 2011, more than 2.4 million people were transported with the SARTA transportation. SARTA is part of a fixed route that covers about 75,000 miles a day and can reach most of Stark County’s population. With SARTA connects with Google, riders can be more confident in the routes they choose.

Google Trip Planning

SARTA connects with Google and has announced that Google Trip Planning was added to its route planning tools. The information is available to anyone with a mobile device or Internet access. Riders will be able to choose where to start, as well as where to end. They can also select a specific departure or arrival time. Riders can also select a date and time for a trip, much like planning a flight. Information such as which buses to take, travel time, transfer locations, fares, and even time for walking between bus stops is available through Google Trip Planning.

Once the riders have planned their trip and have chosen their needs, Google Trip Planning will provide directions to the bus that will get them to wherever they’re headed. Now with Google Trip Planning, riders can easily plan a trip within Stark County, as well as beyond. This provides a stress free, easy to use tool to get to where you’re going. No one likes getting lost or being late and while SARTA connects with Google Trip Planning, planning ahead is now easier for Ohio residents.