My Island Fever

I chase the sun while gripping my camera in one hand and a cold beer in another. It’s Sunday evening and it did not take much convincing to run through hay fields with friends to snap some photographs. It’s my thing: it is my passion. Just say the word and I will be there with my camera seeking that airy shot and requesting you to be in it. I do not talk much because I’m too distracted by what I’m seeing. The evening light is a source of some of my favorite lighting – there’s something about the tired sun getting ready to set and the tranquil breeze cooling it down.

Island Fever3

And on this island…well there’s no way to describe it other than magical. The days pass like how ice melts. They are uncountable. It’s been an incredible feeling to have Mallorca as my home and I hope and long to stay to continue to create myself in such an entrancing place. I don’t want to forget and I fear of finding nothing else like this.

Island Fever1

My free-spirit has never felt such a tight grip on it, I’ve never been acquainted with somewhere that feels like a home away from home. This magnetism to a setting…I’ve never experienced it so steady before. The sea holds you and keeps you in your place, reminding you how small you are and how invaluable our earth is, reminding you to be humble and to follow your dreams. It tells me possibilities are endless, reminds me to continue believing and understanding everything about what I know I’m capable of, and hints to me that it’s all simpler than we make it out to be. But most importantly, it advises me to love myself and to make sure that life inspires me daily because it has so much to offer.

Island Fever