Experience Santiago, Chile: A New South America

Why go to Chile?

Why you ask? To experience Santiago, one of South America’s most stunning and vibrant up and coming cities.

Santiago boasts a culture of art, passion and exquisite food enjoyed by a bustling metropolis of approximately 6 million people. Traveling here is no ordinary experience.

The city is nestled gently between the awe-inspiring Andes and the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. You can experience Santiago, the true wonderment of Santiago while strolling through Mercado Central, one of South Americas most famous seafood markets or fine dine in Vitacura, an up and coming neighborhood.

Out and About Experiencing Santiago, Chile

There are several places to experience Santiago’s serene flow, enjoying cultural events, art museums, historical architecture or dining out, there is an interesting area for everyone traveling or in search of adventure.

  • The sleek neighborhood of Vitacura is the place to go if you want to celebrate the finer things in life. Noted as one of Santiago’s most fashionable areas, Vitacura is home to wealthy locals and expats looking for a new start or adventure abroad. Experience Santiago’s array of expat neighborhoods and art culture from around the world.
  • Mercado Central as previously mentioned is home to all things seafood and it is deliciously wonderful. Opened in the latter half of the 19th century, Mercado Central offers delightful, simple dining for you to enjoy the freshest catch in Chile.
  • Another hot spot for art enthusiasts and foodies to gather is the Centro Gabriela Mistral, named after the Chilean poet and Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral. Located in the heart of Barrio Lastarria, you can enjoy antique browsing, bookstores, art museums and all things cultural as you joyfully shuffle around without a care in the world.
  • Cerro San Cristobal is an excellent place to escape the city for the day and enjoy Santiago’s beauty from above. The hour or so hike, depending on determination, stretches in elevation over a few hundred meters and will lead you to the best panoramic view within the city limits. It’s not uncommon to make a day of it and stop by Chile’s national zoo or relax in the park near the Cerro San Cristobal trail.

Be Alert and Stay Safe

Santiago is a large city with large city problems, just as the case in your home country. When traveling to a new place, you should always be aware of your surroundings, plan ahead and know the dangers before you go. Taking safety precautions when you travel is extremely vital to having a fun, incident free trip and there is no exception when you experience Santiago.

  • Minor theft, scams and pickpocketing is unfortunately on the rise in Chile, but being a smart traveler will reduce your risk of becoming a victim. In most large cities, thieves have a tendency to commit crimes in the more affluential areas. Experiencing Santiago’s vibrant neighborhoods like Vitacura often contain the best targets for thieves, wealthy locals or tourists who will usually give up valuables with little to no resistance.
  • Precautions against petty theft are: Always take heed in these places, pay attention to anyone you see around you more than a few times, ask yourself, who doesn’t fit in here? keep your wallet and money in your front pocket or hidden money belt. Thieves have caught on to the money belt, so keeping your extra money in your shoe or sock may be a good strategy as well. Also, wearing your backpack on your back may make you a target. Use the one strap carry or carry your bag in front of you to prevent any potential problems.
  • Violent or more serious crimes are in fact a reality of any city, but Santiago is known for the low rates of violent crimes. A good rule of thumb is if you are involved in something you shouldn’t be doing or wouldn’t do at home, than you are susceptible to bad things happening to you. Late, late nights can lead to problems anywhere you are, so calling it a night early is one way to stay safe. There has been a rise in drugs slipped into drinks at nightclubs as of late, so watch your drink and never drink anything you didn’t order and watch being poured.

Enjoying the excitement of travel and experiencing a new, amazing culture is truly invigorating. Anywhere you travel to or relocate abroad will have it’s own set of amazing adventure, stunning views, delicious food and vibrant culture, yet you should always do your research. Be aware of possible areas of town that could have potential hazards for the tourist or new expat in town. Join social media groups before you go and ask those living the dream you are about to happily drift into. Paying attention to your surroundings and living as the locals do is always an excellent policy for a magnificent time. Experience Santiago, a new South America is awaiting.

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