Rock Climber Death at Yosemite National Park

Dean Potter, an extreme rock climber, died along with one other man over the weekend. The rock climber death at Yosemite National Park occurred apparently occurred on Saturday. Potter, 43-years old, was attempting to Base-jump off a 3,000-foot cliff inside of Yosemite National Park. The jump was part of an attempt to travel downward from the cliff in a type of extreme sport called BASE jumping. The sport involves climbing to a high point, jumping off and then parachuting to the ground.

Potter was with another climber, Graham Hunt, 29, who was also reported killed in the rock climber death incident. Potter, 43, was well known as an extreme sports personality and athlete, especially in the community of rock-climbers and parachutists in the western United States. The two men jumped off of Taft Point in the park, which is close to two well-known rock formations called Half Dome and El Capitan. They had on wingsuits and parachutes. The two were killed when they failed to get past a cliff notch and instead smashed into the rocks without activating their parachutes. Their bodies were found on Sunday.

Rock Climber Death in BASE Jumping Try

BASE jumping is when climbers put on a parachute and then jump in order to travel from high up fixed points like a bridge or in this case, a mountain cliff. The idea is to go parachuting without the need of an airplane. Base-jumping is not legal, but Potter has been known for not following the rules. In fact, he was shown in a TV documentary on rock climbing, which also told about the extreme sport of Base-jumping and its culture. Base jumping has previously caused several other deaths in parks in the western area of the US over the past few years. It is considered as being extremely dangerous and likely to result in a rock climber death.

Potter was well known for being extremely daring during his rock climbing stunts, such as climbing alone up on the top of several famous walls and mountain cliffs. He often did this barehanded with no safety ropes. He also participated in another extreme sport called high-lining, which is putting a rope between two high rock formations and then walking across it while wearing a parachute. The world of rock climbing was saddened at this rock climber death incident and mourned the two climbers after news reached the media.

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