Shiite Militias Gathering to Retake Ramadi

FThere have also been some new developments that came about post-Saddam known as the Facilities Protection Service. Militias are armed groups that will fight for the Iraqi government. Now, it looks like the Shiite Militias are gathering in Iraq to try to retake Ramadi.

Ramadi Fallen to ISIS

Shiite militias are gathering to try to take over Ramadi from the radical group ISIS. Ramadi is the capital of the Anbar Province and a representative said that the Shiite militias are gathering and have confirmed that there will be a deployment there. This spokesperson has been coordinating with Iraq forces, and Iranian militias. The militias were given the go ahead to march forward into Ramadi and since the word has been spoken, the militia is almost eager. Ramadi is located about sixty miles from Baghdad, and over the weekend, IS troops flooded the area and heavy fighting began. Already, 500 people were killed and about 1,400 people and civilians have left the area.

Fears Arise Over Sunni Locals While Shiite Militias are Gathering

The Iraq government has already taken a hard hit and with the deployment of the Shiite militias, there comes a new risk. As the Shiite militias are gathering, the Sunni locals could be in harm’s way. They were spared before and the Shiite groups were held back in favor of the Sunni locals. After Saddam Hussein, the Sunnis have been divided and no one wants it to happen again. With Ramadi now under the control of the IS, a battle between them and the Shiites looks more promising. There seems to be debate over whether or not IS is fully functioning as a state. It seems that IS will strike back if they receive a blow to give everyone a sense that it is undefeated.

The Iraq government had worked with the Shiite once before. Last month they rid the city Tikrit from IS terrorists. Unfortunately, Mosul is still under IS control, it being the second largest city in Iraq. The Shiite militias are gathering in great efforts. The death of a key IS leader was deemed successful by Washington. John Kerry, the Secretary of State from the United States, is convinced that the redeployment will change things and the current situation will be reversed.

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