NYC: Coyote Sightings Reach New High

Despite high-rent, traffic congestion, and fare hikes in the subway, there have been more and more coyote sightings in New York City. A type of coyote hybrid breed called coywolf, which is a mix of red wolf, coyote and/or dog, has been seen recently in every borough except Brooklyn—Middle Village in Queens, Battery Park City in the Financial District, Central Park, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and several parks in the Bronx.


Researchers have been tracking the coywolf, and in monitoring their location and behavior, have said that the animal is doing particularly well in New York City because they still have their prey animals to eat—rats and rabbits—without the competition from their rival animals: bobcats and cougars. The researchers believe that the spike in coyote sightings is a result of the harsh winter, and the fact that migrant animals can travel over frozen waters. Still though, while they are unsure exactly how the coyotes travel into the island of Manhattan, they assume it was most likely through the most convenient route: over one of the many bridges.

What To Do If You’re A New Yorker During A Coyote Sighting?

Take in the beauty of this animal. Remember: you are not in its food chain and it’s generally more afraid of you, than you are of it. Usually when a coyote sees you, it will run away.

What To Do If You’re A Tourist During A Coyote Sighting?

Once again, most likely the coyote will not approach you, but for whatever reason it does, here are a few safety measures you can take:

Make as much noise as your can by screaming and yelling. Don’t face the other way from the animal, and don’t run.
Try to make yourself as big as possible by waving your arms in the air. Throw small objects in the direction of the coyote. Do not try to hit it though because your intention is to scare the animal, and not to hurt it.

Otherwise, just take out your phone and/or camera and get a picture of it. You were just a part of a coyote sighting in New York City.