China: Lenovo Virtual Keyboard Revealed, Smart Shoes

Lenovo, the Chinese electronics company, has revealed new products to entice lovers of new technology: a SmartCast phone with an ability to beam a Lenovo virtual keyboard or use as a display via a built-in laser pointer, as well as a new Magic View phone with two displays and Smart Shoes. The products were shown off at their Tech World conference recently in Beijing.

First comes the SmartCast phone, which has an interactive display that creates a copy of its screen, or even a piano keyboard, as well as a true-to-size computer keyboard display. With Smartphones nearing the capabilities of laptops these days, being able to use your phone like a computer without the need for a physical keyboard will be great for all sorts of travel.

Lenovo Reveals Virtual Keyboard, Smart Shoes -

Lenovo Virtual Keyboard Is Not the Only Interesting Feature

That’s not all this Lenovo virtual keyboard option can produce. You can also use it like a laser pointer and beam pictures or videos onto a hard surface with a projection that is 34 millimeters by 26 millimeters by five millimeters. It also features a tiny kickstand on the phone’s back, so you can easily use the projections without worry of it falling or shaking.

Yet, this new smartphone isn’t just featuring a sort of mobile digital projector. The display is capable of understanding gestures, which means it can act as a touchscreen of sorts for doing things such as playing a song with its piano app virtual keyboard.

Magic View Smartwatch Has Two Screens

Another innovation in technology that Lenovo presented was its new smart watch called Magic View, which has two screens. One of the screens is for public viewing and anyone looking at the device can see it, while the other screen is a private mode screen that only someone looking at it very closely and at a specified angle can see what is displayed.

Lenovo Reveals Virtual Keyboard, Smart Shoes

Smart Shoes Offer Fitness Tracking, Built-In LEDs

Lenovo’s new Smart Shoes at first may sound mundane with their ability to track fitness data like calories and heartbeat, but it can also give the user directions and maps. It also has some built-in LEDs that are quite the adventure in new technology.

The Smart Shoes are an actual pair of running shoes that will show the runner’s mood on one side of the shoe, as well as track the runner’s fitness data. They are said to have special vibration pads embedded into them to detect movement and give proper directions. It wasn’t revealed how these feats would be accomplished or when the Smart Shoes might actually be on the market.

Lenovo has come up with several new and interesting items for future customers from an interactive virtual keyboard on a smart phone to Smart Shoes that read a wearer’s mood.