GoPro Working to Make Selfie Drone, VR Device

GoPro cameras are already a popular type of camera that many enthusiasts use to film their personal escapades of skiing, driving, skating or even in and under water while diving or surfing. However, the company is taking all that up a notch by working on a selfie drone and virtual reality device.

Creating the Ultimate in Selfie Photography

These two projects are part of GoPro’s latest adventure in new technology. The GoPro cameras are already extremely well liked by users who get a kick out of filming themselves. Although it can be awkward to do things like wear the camera via a helmet cam or mount it onto a bike, people still want to immortalize themselves on camera. These new projects, like the selfie drone especially, could possibly make filming personal actions much easier.

Virtual Reality Device Combines Six GoPro Cameras

The virtual reality device would bring together six of the GoPro Hero cameras that would then work as one to get a spherical shot. It is called the Six-Camera Spherical Array and features a ball-shaped mount for the Hero4 cameras. Since it will be DSLR quality class, it is expected to be priced at between $1,500 and $2,000.

Special VR Software to Go With New VR Device

GoPro recently bought Kolor , a company that creates VR software and now it can be used to work with GoPro cameras to capture footage and share it. The best thing about this software is that it gets rid of the need for users to have an SD card or USB cord to upload their videos to the cloud. However, even with the new drone made by GoPro, the camera could still be used with other brands and kinds of drones.
GoPro Working to Make Selfie Drone, VR Device

Selfie Drone in the Works for Later This Year

The company is also working on a quadcopter selfie drone that could automatically send up the video to the cloud for users, and it is currently in alpha testing. This quadrocopter drone could be available later this year, according to GoPro officials. The GoPro officials say that this quadrocopter could be the most versatile accessory that GoPro has ever developed to this point in time. The drone is said to have the ability to follow the user and take images at the same time.

These two new devices are sure to impress GoPro users who love the adventure of filming all the things they do in their lives, such as their hobbies, and other activities, so something like a selfie drone is bound to be happily used by GoPro enthusiasts.