IOS 9 To Have Six-Digit Passcode Default for Touch ID Devices

This fall, IOS9 brings the trend of six digit passwords and some more improvement in the operating system.

Apple is bringing immense improvements in its mobile operating system, IOS 9. The changes can be seen in various ways. IOS 9 is launching this fall and the most striking development is the passcodes, or passwords. No more four digit password now! The length of the passwords now will comprise six digits. Though it is already possible to put more than four passwords, Apple plans to enforce stronger policies keeping security in full mind.

Showcased at the ongoing WWDC 2015, IOS 9 is available for the developer preview. As per reports, it shall be launched in July as a public beta. Apple vastly recognizes the places that people put their data at the iDevices. So when the passcodes are changed in terms of length, the possibility of password combinations go from 10,000 to 1,000,000.

IOS 99

IOS 9 is expected to be more efficient with the perspective of its striking features.

Apart from the development in passcodes, there is a lot to look at in Apple’s IOS 9. What is more striking is the intelligent Siri. Not only that. You can also find a higher storage efficiency as well as optimized battery life. This will give more efficiency to multitasking. To learn more about WWDC 2015, go here.

Technology experts are expected to speak at this event.

If you are thinking what was the reason behind such a change in passwords. As per Apple, it will be tougher to crack the passcode and that the user is going to be at much safer side. Though, there are still questions on why alone the security feature has been implemented in the Touch ID devices. It will be easier for the iPhone and iPad owner to protect themselves from any unauthorized access.

A few of the most striking highlights of IOS 9 in review: space, compatibility, battery improvement and much more. Find out more highlights of IOS 9 here.

If you are an IOS fan, just a bit more time until Fall 2015! The operating system is to come with much more than you are expecting. Just wait an watch for all that is coming your way.

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