Fire and Ice: An Italian Love Story

Falling in love in Italy is every girl’s dream, right? It is the adventure of a lifetime. We willingly let our imaginations travel into the unknown experience of what falling in love with an Italian will be like. Well, unfortunately, if you’re not careful, it can go downhill fast.

At first, you’re having innocent fun. You go to a bar without any intention on falling in love. You have a few drinks with your best friends, travel companions and random hostel acquaintances. Pretty soon, the wine is going to your head and men worthy of falling in love with are everywhere.

Italian men are nothing if not passionate. They are just as set on falling in love as you probably are; except to them, love means more than a one night stand.

You see him; he sees you; your eyes meet; and, cue the fireworks. Amidst the music, the summer heat, and the atmosphere your bodies are drawn toward one another, like cheese is to wine; you know you were meant to be, even if it’s just for the night.

“Hello,” he says in his sexy, sultry, Italian accent. He also tells you his name, but you can’t remember how to pronounce it. He buys you another drink, one that you don’t need, and you start dancing. No one else matters because you are falling in love; that’s what you tell yourself at least.

The night progresses way too fast, and before you know it the bar is closing down. At this point, you both are glued to each other and have no intention on letting go. He walks you outside and before you know it, he is kissing you. He kisses your neck, your lips, and your collarbone. His hands wander everywhere, and he has no regard for the fact that you are in a public square, surrounded by cobblestone roads and various couples.

You manage to breathe while he tells you he wants to see you again tomorrow. Eagerly, you nod your head and reach for your cheap Italian cell phone. You put in his number, then call him to make sure he has yours. Your friends spot you and drag you away, leaving you to the comfort and safety of your warm sheets, dreaming of your Italian love.

In the morning, you wake up and wonder if it was all a dream. Your roommates tell you that no, it in fact was not. Then, your crappy Italian cell phone pings.

“I can’t wait to see you tonight,” the message reads. Even over text you can imagine his sexy Italian accent. And you spend all day waiting for the night to come so you can sneak back to your Italian love.