YECUP Is The World’s First Connected Smart Cup?

In today’s modern world, technology has provided us with smart solutions to some of the smallest, but most common inconveniences. Take, for example, the simple act of drinking a cup of tea or coffee. All too often, we place our drinks to the side to cool off, only to forget that they are even there. By the time we remember our beverages, they are already too cold to drink – that’s where Yecup: The World’s First Connected Smart Cup comes in.

YECUP: The World’s First Connected Smart Cup

Made from double-layer stainless steel, the Yecup is a high-quality smart mug that can save you both time and energy. It is controlled through your smartphone thanks to an app that is both compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. By using the application, it is easy to control the temperature of your drinks; in fact, the functionalities allow users to boil and keep their beverages warm. Notifications will also be sent directly to the smartphone whenever the drink is ready for consumption.

YECUP Is The World's First Connected Smart Cup? - Clapway

Additional Features of the Yecup

Besides serving as a portable and high-quality mug, the Yecup doubles as a portable phone charger. Its built-in battery, which is charged with its own special charger or through a standard micro-usb, can power your phone more than twice a day, no matter where you are located. Its most innovative functionality, however, is that the Yecup can even assist users in taking selfies simply by pressing a button on the mug. Since users will already be carrying their Yecup with them anyways, this just comes as an added (and much appreciated) bonus.

So if you’re constantly on the move and frustrated with cold tea, a connected smart cup is the answer to your problem. The Yecup is now in the middle of its Indiegogo Campaign, which is currently backed by over 150 people. With still a month left to go, the project is already on a fast track to reaching its goal. For more information about the Yecup and to support the campaign, click here. Early bird supporters can claim their very own smart cup for only $77.00.

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