Latest Study Reveals Parkinson’s Disease Connection to Numerous Cancer Types

Latest Study Reveals Parkinson’s Disease Connection to Numerous Cancer Types

A recent study conducted in Taiwan, has found that individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease are at higher risk of being diagnosed with over 16 different types of cancer.

What Cancers are Connected to Parkinson’s Disease?

According to the study, which studied “62,023 patients newly diagnosed with PD [Parkinson’s Disease] from 2004 through 2010…”, startling and serious forms of cancer were shown to be linked to the degenerative disorder. According to researchers at the university, “malignant brain tumours, gastrointestinal tracts, lung cancers, some hormone-related cancers, urinary tract cancers, lymphoma/leukemia, melanoma and other skin cancers” proved to be highly evident in Parkinson’s disease sufferers located in Taiwan.

Types of Cancer That are Not Commonly Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

Very few types of cancer were associated with Parkinson’s disease while this study was conducted. Not connected were breast, ovarian, and thyroid cancers when it came to doing further research on the patients in Taiwan. Even though only three types of cancer seem to not be linked to Parkinson’s disease, that does not change the unsettling fact that the cancers actually connected are completely incurable. It is a grim and sad reality that cancer is being placed on top of an already existing disorder that researchers are currently still seeking a cure for.

Factors at Play Regarding Recent Findings on Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer

Since this study on Parkinson’s Disease was conducted in Taiwan, there are a myriad of factors to consider whether the findings apply everywhere else and are truly reliable. Factors to take into consideration are geographical location, race, ethnicity, and possible exposure to anything hazardous. This study was done in another hemisphere, so it’s entirely possible that what may be revealed there may not be true to the same extent in the Western hemisphere. This also even applies to other countries in Asia. The correlation between Parkinson’s disease and multiple types of cancer has been ongoing for over half a century. If these findings prove to be expansive beyond the Eastern hemisphere, then it’ll eventually become a breakthrough in truly cracking that correlation.

For more information on this study, go to JAMA Network.



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