Why You Need VOMO: The World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle

If you commute every day to work or are a public transport ‘geek’, you will find in VOMO the perfect electric vehicle revolutionising urban transit.

Created by VEETRON, this high performance electric scooter has the ability to take you virtually anywhere. Suitcase-like, weighting just 13.5kg, VOMO is super compact. It has been designed to be quickly and simply folded.


While it looks like normal two-wheelers, this electric scooter claims not only 20 mph with a rider around 150 pounds, but also covers a distance of about 25 miles with a single battery charge.

Based in Hong Kong, the company is committed “to pushing the boundaries of what is possible for light electric vehicles around the world. For over a year now we have been experimenting with many different materials, components and designs to finally create what VOMO is today, allowing it to have all the design features we wanted and at a price level to make it truly affordable”.

With VOMO you don’t face the risk of stopping in the middle of nowhere because you run out of battery. This electric scooter model uses the very latest Samsung Lithium Ion 18650 Battery technology to offer the best range possible.


Have you ever wanted to buy an electric scooter, but your enthusiasm was suddenly crushed when you looked at the price tag? Well, cheaper than its competitors, VOMO is currently being sold with an early bid special for 349.99 on Indiegogo. After that, the price will go up to $549, still a very good deal considering its many features.

If you are afraid of those nasty bumps in the road, don’t despair. VOMO has come up with durable, tubeless inflatable tires, offering the very best rider experience and the guarantee of a smooth drive. Safety is a top priority for the company that has equipped their innovative creation with a “safe start” function to avoid any non-intentional acceleration in a crowded area, as well as a 120mm disc brake independent from the electric supply, to give the very best stopping power when needed.


Obviously, since the electric shooter doesn’t consume gas, VOMO has zero carbon footprint. This eco-friendly scooter could be the new driving.

There was a void in the market and VOMO is filling it by offering every ‘urban species’, a practical solution combining safety and affordability needed to make light electric vehicles a real viable alternative in today’s cities.

To know more about VOMO, watch this video or take the opportunity to support the project through Indiegogo!

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