Does Your Man Take Selfies? Warning: Studies Show He Might Be Psychotic

“But first, let me take a selfie.”

Remember that annoyingly catchy song by The Chain-smokers that got everyone getting out their cell phones in time to the beat back in 2014? Yes, how could you forget it? Thanks to Kim Kardashian and her infamous Selfish book, on -you guessed it- selfies, this phenomenon is still very much alive.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those posing in front of the camera (or behind if, like me you still have to turn your phone around to take a photo of your face). According to scientific research, there is a lot to be said for this infamous new part of modern communication and it isn’t all that positive, especially if you are a man. It seems that the selfie is taking our generation on a slow self-destructive road, and here’s how.

Never Trust A Man And His Camera

Scientific studies at Ohio University have looked into the selfie – taking habits of a modern man. The conclusion? According to lead researcher Jesse Fox, a man who takes selfies is far more likely to be narcissistic and self-centered. All that posing in front of the phone is just about him, after all. As a result, he is far more likely to objectify himself, leading to psychotic behavior and mental illnesses such as eating disorders– yikes! There is also evidence to suggest that a relationship is not as strong or supportive if both partners are constantly taking photos of themselves, rather than focusing on each other.

Ladies– Your Selfie Could Cost You That Dream Job

It’s not just the men who are suffering at the hands of the selfie stick – yes, there is even a stick named after this trend now too. There is evidence to suggest that taking a selfie is less likely to get you a job, and less likely for other people to take you seriously. That’s right, a selfie study at Oregon State University, posted on on Woman’s Forum revealed that over 100 females were analyzed, with those taking more selfies being considered less competent at work and less socially attractive. With the power of the Internet, that selfie we take and post on social media is then forever afloat on the big World Wide Web.

While girls should not run a mile next time they go on a date to catch their guy taking selfies (chances are he wants to make sure he is looking his best anyway), nor should men Google symptom themselves for Psychotic Selfie Disorder after reading this, we should be aware of the consequences this vain new revolution will have on our reputations. But one more selfie won’t harm I guess, so

“first, let me take a selfie…”


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