Instagram App to Revamp “Search” and “Explore” Tabs, Showcasing More Real-Time Moments

The technology world is always a-changing, and Instagram is no different. The immensely popular app Instagram is going through two updates right now, which may appear major to some die-hard Instagram admirers and users: a revamp of their “search” and “explore” features in order to show more real-time moments. In addition, a section including a cornucopia of collections will be included during the revamp, with attention-grabbing events and users taking over and being updated often.

What the new “Search” feature for Instagram will include

With the “search” feature, Instagram users will be able to look for photos and videos from particular locations. These locations can range in order to cater to anybody’s needs. The pros for users taking advantage of this feature are endless, as well as full of ongoing possibilities: planning that next getaway, looking up where to go to university, what great restaurant to eat at next, or even looking for a place to retire at once that age hits. Also included is being the ability to go through searches, so users can either look for people, places, or tags.

What the new “Explore” feature for Instagram will comprise of

The revamped “Explore” feature will be following Twitter’s suit, in which it will be curating real-time material to its users, from events to conversations. In the video and picture-based apps blog post, they write, “Through trending Tags and trending Places, you can experience moments like #bonnaroo or #fathersday, from every perspective.” Instagram’s overall main purpose, especially in revamping their search feature, is to give its 200 million users access to different kinds of content from all over the world. This is whether they like it or not with just a touchscreen tap (or swipe) away.

How the revamped “Search” and “Explore” feature for Instagram compares with character-based app Twitter

Although Twitter is mostly a character-based app and does not emphasize pictures and videos as much as Instagram, that does not mean that both of them don’t compare in certain things. When it comes to the picture and video-based app revamping both of their prominent feature, Instagram is following Twitter’s methods. How is that exactly? By updating mostly their “Explore” feature in order for users to witness real-time events and conversations, between other users, as discussed above. Twitter may have already established the curating of real-time conversations for many years. Furthermore, now that Instagram is now doing the same and they are also picture and video-based, will they once again continue to take struggling Twitter on a run for its money? Most definitely.


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