Chevrolet Adds Theft Alarm Notification

Real-Time Alerts Added to OnStar

Chevrolet has recently added a Theft Alarm Notification to their OnStar services in the latest update of their use. This new service allows for users to be alerted in real time if their Chevrolet vehicle is in danger. This new breakthrough in technology has huge potential to put an end to quite a bit of attempted car thievery.

How Does It Work?

The Theft Alarm Notification is part of Chevrolet’s existing RemoteLink app that includes additional features for your car. If a thief were to trigger your car alarm, you would be immediately notified by your app and OnStar. You are given the option to choose if you receive this message via text, phone call, or email. It also lets you know that the appropriate authorities have been alerted as to the theft. In a sense, your car could text you to tell you that someone has stolen or is trying to steal it!

Were someone to steal your car, OnStar would use GPS technology to help your local authorities track down your car. OnStar can even help the police chase the thief down with the Theft Alarm Notification, as they can send a signal to certain specific models to slow down the car.

The Theft Alarm Notification is helped by an existing product in many Chevrolet models called the Theft Protection Package. This package includes protection such as interior motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, and an inclination sensor. If the alarm is set and someone attempts to break into the car, each of these sensors will sound their own alarm.

How Do You Get It?

Chevrolet owners who want the Theft Alarm Notification will need OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance service. That specific service is a part of the Security and Guidance subscription packages. Chevrolet owners should also make sure to check their model if they want the Theft Alarm Notification; it seems specific to Chevy models dated from 2014 or later. And even then, the qualifier is that most of those models are equipped or it. It’s also available for other General Motors brands like GMC, Buick, and Cadillac.



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