Waking up to the Smell of Bacon Will Soon Be a Reality– Introducing Sensorwake

Mornings can be tough, and there is often very little that can persuade you from moving from the comforts of your bed and fully waking up to face the trials and tribulations of a new day. Okay, maybe there are some exceptions. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, money, or sizzling bacon could certainly be a motivational reminder of the wonders of being awake. Luckily for all of us allergic to the morning sunrise, this is soon to become a possibility thanks to Sensorwake, the world’s first olfactory alarm clock.

The brainchild of Guilaume Rolland, an 18-year-old French engineering student and entrepreneur, Sensorwake is one of the current Kickstarter projects. With 1,349 backers, this product is set to become a reality by November 2015.

Waking up to Your Favourite Scent

We all have a smell that will put us in a happy place and send nostalgic shivers down our spines. Be it a fully cooked American breakfast, the ocean, or freshly cut grass, so many scents can be set on the Sensorwake to slowly soothe you out of bed. The device is as simple as using an espresso machine, minus the trouble of having to clean it up afterwards. By simply placing a scent capsule into the alarm clock, it will defuse your favourite smell at the time you set for your awakening. What’s better is that the capsules are 100% recyclable and can be used up to 60 times.

Can a Scent Really Wake You?

Waking up to your favourite scent would surely make you even more settled in your duvet cocoon, right? Wrong. Guilaume and his team have proved that in 99% of cases, using Sensorwake as your alarm clock will get you out of bed in less than 2 minutes. If the power of the scent isn’t enough to entice you out of bed, then an additional alarm clock will get you moving after three minutes.

Have A Peaceful Day

Sensorwake is designed for the purpose of not only waking up, but waking up feeling happy and refreshed, giving you a positive start to your working day.

To find out more about Sensorwake and how you can get your hands and nose on this revolutionary gadget, check out their official website.

Here’s our review of the Sensorwake alarm clock: